Butt-Weld Cap, Sch-40 (Std.)

Butt weld caps are used to blank-off the end of a pipe run, Schedule-40 pipe wall thickness. The weld area is beveled to allow for a very strong full-penetration weld joint. Used in compressed air, water, oil systems, steam, natural gas.
Additional wall thickness, sizes, and materials are available. Please contact us with your needs!
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Qty Part #
Qty Part #


Butt Weld, Pipe Cap, Sch-40 (Std.)

Part #ODWall Thickness TE
1" Std. BW Cap-**1.320.131-1/2"
1-1/4" Std. BW Cap-**1.660.141-1/2"
1-1/2" Std. BW Cap-**1.900.151-1/2"
2" Std. BW Cap-**2.380.151-1/2"
2-1/2" Std. BW Cap-**2.880.201-1/2"
3" Std. BW Cap-**3.500.222"
4" Std. BW Cap-**4.500.242-1/2"
5" Std. BW Cap-**5.560.263"
6" Std. BW Cap-**6.630.283-1/2"
8" Std. BW Cap-**8.630.324"
10" Std. BW Cap-**10.750.375"
12" Std. BW Cap-**12.750.386"